Hydrangea Vanilla Fraise - Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

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Vanilla Fraise, as the name may suggest is a variety that hails from France, and quite literally translates as Vanilla Strawberry in honour of the beautiful blooms colouration. An award winning paniculata Hydrangea, it forms large heads of flowers in pyramid-shaped clusters of at the tips of red-stemmed branches in summer. These emerge creamy-white - vanilla - in colours and turn shades of pink-red - like a strawberry - as they age, finally taking on rich crimson and russet tones.


Hydrangea Vanilla Fraise is the perfect plant for adding late summer colour to a shrub border, or for creating an informal, flowering hedge. The result of years of trials totalling 10,000 plants, this extra special new hydrangea was selected; and you can see why, it has a stunning appearance with a garden performance to match!


One of the easiest hydrangea shrubs to grow Vanilla Fraise will even perform well in problematic north-facing areas due to its extreme hardiness - down to -20 °C!


Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers, full of buds and flowers in season.