Ilex aquifolium Ingramii - Evergreen Male Variegated Holly

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This stunning, recently introduced premium Holly variety will surprise by producing unusual variegated foliage that starts very pink and gradually matures to white and green turning reddish pink in winter at the tips. Ilex Aquifolium Ingramii is a perfect evergreen to use as a feature shrub or very prickly barrier hedge. 

This variety really shines out thanks to the interesting foliage colour. A great hardy variety and an unusual choice that is well worth planting, it will thrive in full sun or partial shade on well-drained, moist soil. It is a male variety, so will never have berries, but given the attractive foliage, who cares?! Plus it is of course ideal to have around to ensure good pollination and berry crops on your lady Holly plants.

Supplied as a strong plants in approx 4-5 litre containers 

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