WINTER SALE - Ilex Golden Van Tol - Standard Female Holly Tree

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WINTER SALE - Usually 74.99, today just 49.99 - Save £25!

A spectacular variegated form of hardy native holly that is almost spineless. Ilex Golden van tol has lovely creamy-gold margined green, slightly prickly foliage with red berries in Winter. They are very low maintenance as they are slow growing.

This hardy English holly makes a handsome evergreen specimen tree for a small garden with fertile, moist, well-drained soil. Supplied as a standard tree with an approx. 80cm clear stem and total height of around 110cm for the tree, overall around 130cms including the pot, with an informal lollipop head foliage and branches growing in approx. 7.5 litre containers. Typical stock as supplied is pictured.

WINTER SALE - Usually 74.99, today just 49.99 - Save £25!

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