Ilex meserveae 'Blue Maid' - Evergreen Female Holly Shrub

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Beautiful Ilex meserveae "Blue Maid" Holly really is a sight to behold when clothed in the bright red berries for the winter period.

Known as 'Blue Holly' it possesses dark green glossy foliage, slightly speckled with an intriguing feeling of a deep blue haze, and lends itself particularly well to creating seasonal wreaths, garlands and other decorations for the festive season.

In the garden, it is a haven for wild life and very attractive to garden birds. It will be perfect in a mixed shrub border, used as a seasonal containerised specimen or simple as a backdrop or hedge to a garden border. The glossy, purplish-green leaves are evergreen and slightly spiky, yet the prickles remain soft. Small, white flowers bloom in late Spring with dark with red berries making their appearance later in the season. This makes 'Blue Maid' an attractive addition to the garden at all times of the year. Thanks to being evergreen, it will of course provide much needed structure to the winter garden.

Super bushy plants supplied in approx 3-4 litre containers.