Juglans regia - English Walnut Tree - 150-220cms

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This Walnut tree will make a magnificent feature in a larger garden, and was once a traditional staple feature of the English countryside.

Relatively quickly it will make a fine deciduous tree with large pinnate foliage. In late spring and early summer, inconspicuous flowers are produced and these are then followed in autumn by heavy crops of nuts. A fantastic specimen tree for a larger garden or open space.

Fresh or 'wet' Walnuts as they are known are super tasty in comparison to shop bought dried nuts, although you can of course keep them stored yourself for some time. Perfect to eat fresh or used in all sorts of recipes. For the culinary adventurous, the unripe nuts can be used for pickling, or even perhaps follow a traditional Italian recipe and grind the hard shells of ripe nuts to use as a stuffing in the pasta dish 'Agnolotti'!

Supplied well established in approx. 7.5 litre containers at around 150-220cms tall.

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