Kale 'Kapral' - Pack of TWELVE Plants

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Make getting your daily dose of greens even easier by planting this delicious kale in your veggie garden. ‘Kapral’ produces an abundance of tender and delicate leaves, their frilly edges elevating the look of your garden. Not only delicious in smoothies and salads, but this variety is also resistant to frost, making it perfect for our changeable UK weather. It can even be harvested throughout winter. Please note that this plant is presented as a mini twelve-pack. Sown in our nursery using the finest quality seeds, when this order arrives at your door you will have twelve individual young plants that will be ready to plant out in your vegetable garden.

1x 12 pack Kale 'Kapral'

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 9.99, today just 4.99 - Save £5!