Cornus sanguinea Midwinter Fire - LARGE Winter Beauty Dogwood

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Fantastic, award winning, fiery colour in winter when everything around it is looking drab. This Winter Beauty is great value for money, and provides a long lasting display when little else can inject vibrancy to the garden. Plant these for a towering inferno of molten lava coloured stems all winter. If you need something to add a shot of bright colour in the colder darker months then these have to be it, they really do provide the flames to stave off a winter chill, you feel warmer inside just looking at them.

A compact bushy shrub that will add drama in the Winter scene, they will stand out against anything - a backdrop of dark conifers, a fence, other shrubs or of course a blanket of snow. In spring, fresh-green foliage erupts over the to cover the yellow-orange-red stems and provide a good structural mix with other plants in the garden.

These are truly fabulous plants, supplied in approx. 5-7 litre. Perfect for planting out in the garden or for displaying in seasonal planters. Why not try under planted with some dwarf daffodil bulbs?

SPECIAL DEALS - Usually 39.97, today just 19.97 - Save £20!

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