Large Cyathea cooperi var dealbata - Silver Tree Fern

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This Silver Tree fern is the iconic national symbol of New Zealand and one of the most revered tree ferns in the world. Over time, this tree-like fern grows a trunk that carries long, up to 3m (10ft) mid-to dark green fronds, that develop the distinctive silvery backing at maturity. In New Zealand, it is found on both the north and south island, here in the UK, their fascinating appearance will soon catch the heart of any gardener.

These impressive tree ferns are one of the oldest plants in the world and will add drama and style to a semi-shady spot, and will happily grow in any soil as long as the trunk is kept moist. This Cyathea cooperi var. dealbata tree fern is at the start of it's life and supplied in an approx 5 litre container with lush green fronds.

Perfect to plant and watch develop over the years as it will slowly develop the trunk. Plant out of the way of direct sunlight to avoid scorching, and ideally offer some winter protection, although this tree fern can reputedly survive British winters down to -8c, why risk it in the coldest weather. It will produce multiple flushes of fronds throughout the year. A real must have for any tree fern collector or as a stand alone specimen. Supplied in an approx 5 litre container, these are strong solid juvenile tree ferns with impressive fronds.