LARGE - Monstera deliciosa variegata - Variegated Swiss Cheese Plant

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Monstera deliciosa variegata - the ultra rare, ultra desirable variegated Swiss Cheese Plant - uber trendy, hard to come by, and sadly for budding plant parents of this beauty coming with an expensive price tag!

Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, these are both retro and trendy! A very easy to grow houseplant, variegated Monstera are prized for deep glossy green foliage that is patched and flecked with white variegation, some leaves can even be near pure white - as it grows this becomes particularly impressive with large heart shaped leaves that have distinctive deeply cut leaves.

The Swiss cheese plant is fairly easy to care for and maintain, but will need extra space to grow, it will add a beautiful tropical touch where ever you choose to locate it. This rare variegated form will increase in value as it grows, in fact there have been frenzied bidding wars across the globe on auction sites for these running in to many thousands, so you might want to add this as a named item to your home insurance policy!

We will pack and wrap your purchase ever so carefully including special heat packs to ensure it does not catch a chill en-route, and deliver by signed for courier for your piece of mind.

This is a larger specimen supplied in an approx 10 litre container. Don't miss out on this. Big Bushy Plants with Magnificent foliage.

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