Lavatera x clementii Rosea

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A holder of the Royal Horticultural society’s Award of Garden Merit this medium sized shrub is a reliable and productive plant that produces sprays of large Hollyhock type pink flowers from early summer all the way through until the autumn. These beautiful flowers can reach up to eight centimetres in diameter and cover the plants new shoots.

The shrub is relaxed looking by nature making it ideal for a mixed cottage style border or a Mediterranean garden planting.

It is a drought tolerant, sun loving shrub and can grow in most soils but avoid substrates that waterlog or areas that suffer cold winds. To keep this plant in tip top condition give it a hard prune in early spring, taking as much as two-thirds away. This means the new growth before summer will make sure its pink flowers are abundant.

As a bonus our Lavatera is loved greatly by the Bees and Butterflies. How about underplanting with soft blues and white Herbaceous planting such as Phloxes and Salvias.