Lavender Hidcote Blue - Lavendula Hidcote - In Bud & Bloom

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These classic English lavender plants can fill borders, beds, pots and patios with their evergreen foliage and powerful fragrance.

This drought-tolerant plant thrives in sunny borders or a patio container

Aromatic silver-grey foliage with spikes of fragrant violet flowers

Supplied in approx 1-2 litre containers, these are not tiny plug plants, but bushy and well established and ready to plant out in to the garden - perfect for creating a lavender hedge perhaps.

Water well and position in full sun when planting

Each plant will grow to approx. 60cms at maturity

Hidcote - An evergreen, aromatic semi-shrub with narrow, silver-grey leaves and leafless stems topped with deep, purple-blue tubular flowers in summer.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 6.99, today just 4.99 - Save £2!

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