Lavender Meerlo - Gold Variegated Lavender

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Lavenders are some of the most beloved plants in the garden, and this new variety, Lavender Meerlo is one of the most attractive and fragrant lavenders available - the foliage is very high in essential oils making it particularly aromatic.

In addition to being one of the most fragrant lavenders available, it is perhaps the most spectacular variegated variety with foliage that stops gardeners in their tracks. Each stem is covered with tightly placed, lightly serrated leaves, each with a gray-green center bordered with creamy yellow margins. The result is a lavender that appears much softer and lush looking than other varieties. Unlike many other variegated lavenders on the market, the foliage on 'Meerlo' doesn't revert to gray, but instead maintains its striking colour year after year.

It likes a warm sunny well drained spot to flourish and is extremely drought tolerant once established, making it an ideal plant for hot dry summer weather.

The pale blue flowers are borne on tall stems from mid-summer onwards and are a bee and butterfly magnet!

It looks great grown as a specimen in the border or in a mixed planting with other plants that will contrast and highlight the variegation of the foliage.

Lavender Meerlo is ideal for growing in a container, either alone or surrounded by smaller contrasting plants. Supplied in approx 1 litre containers.