Lavender x intermedia 'Phenomenal' Lavandula - Super Hardy Blue Lavender

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One of the best lavenders to be recently introduced, Phenomenal deals with many of the problems often found in lavenders - essentially, if you normally have trouble growing lavender, this variety could be the solution for you - it is incredibly rugged and tolerates extremes of both cold and heat without dying back, it is resistant to common root and foliar diseases, and grows superbly in both the garden, when used for landscaping en-mass, or even as a low lavender hedge.

Phenomenal Plants are exceptionally high in oil too, resulting in intensely fragrant foliage and flowers. A great way to bring fragrance to the garden or grown in containers on a patio, deck or balcony. The vigorous plants will grow upto a metre wide within a couple of seasons too.

Lavender has been grown for centuries for its intensely fragrant flowers and beautiful appearance. It is a staple item of every sunny garden, and its dried flowers are widely used in potpourris and arrangements.

Supplied in approx. 9cm pots.