Lettuce Plants - 'Cos' - Romaine Lettuce - Pack of TWELVE Plants - Grow your own Caesar Salad!

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Crisp, refreshing and delicious, you’ll be glad you planted this ‘Cos’ lettuce in your garden. Also known as ‘little gem’, this variety is a firm favourite with gardeners. Small in size, it’s great for growing in containers but also works well when planted directly into the ground.

Bursting with vitamins and minerals, this lettuce is not only good for you but also known for its fresh flavour. Wowing your friends and family with your impressive salads, sandwiches and side dishes has never been easier.

Please note that this plant is presented as a mini twelve-pack. Sown in our nursery using the finest quality seeds, when this order arrives at your door you will have twelve individual young plants that will be ready to plant out in your vegetable garden.