Leucothoe walteri Firestar - New Variegated Gold and Red Evergreen

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Easy to grow and provides excellent ground cover, this brand new Leucothoe, aptly named Firestar will provide colour all year, particularly from Winter into Spring. Highly unusual gold edged leaves provide excellent visual attractiveness all year round, before the flush to Red as the temperatures fall. Compact and bushy with a low spreading growing habit, it is ideal for container planting in Winter, and also superb for ground cover when planted en-masse. A very unusual and intriguing evergreen shrub, Leucothoe 'Firestar' is will be a highly sought after plant, due to it's unique foliage.

When they first shoot, young leaves are a glossy red colour with white border before maturing to a glossy green and gold for Summer. As Winter comes and the cold weather approaches, this fantastic shrub actually changes its colour back to red and remains so until Spring arrives and new shoots appear. It can also bloom with small white flowers in Spring, however these are often insignificant and do not draw attention away from it's glorious foliage. This 'Firestar' Leucothoe plant is easy to grow and very hardy.

It prefers moist, well-drained soil and a shady position but is also tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions. Best planted amongst other foliage plants as the dark-red, bold colouring of this Leucothoe really contrasts well. Try planting with Sarcococca confusa or Daphne odora aureomarginata so as to get that delightful fragrance that they produce, coupled with the aesthetics of the bright foliage on this Leucothoe. We think we're going to use ours to underplant our Cornus Midwinter Fire. Perhaps try planting in a container over Winter to make a lovely feature of this shrub, before planting in your bed or border when Spring arrives.

Super Quality Plants in approx 1.5 Litre containers.