Green Privet Hedging - 60-80cm Ligustrum ovalifolium

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This  Privet hedge plant is well-known for its bright green leaves that sprout creamy white flowers in mid-Summer, followed by a glossy black berry in autumn.

Ligustrum ovalifolium is perfect for hedging and is considered semi-evergreen, as it will experience some minimal leaf fall during the Winter months. Privet hedging is one of the most popular choices for hedging due to its dense foliage, making it ideal for creating privacy in your garden.

These plants are supplied potted at an approximate height of 60-80cm and ideally for creating hedges up to around 2.5m (8ft) tall. 

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This is an extremely adaptable plant suitable for all soil types and all levels of acidity. It prefers moist but well-drained soil but can also handle well-drained soil. It will grow well in full sun or in partial shade, in exposed or sheltered locations with any aspect. This hedging also has good drought resistance. This low maintenance plant needs no regular pruning. An annual prune in late winter or early spring to keep your plant looking in a good and strong condition. Specifically, remove any shoots which have crossed over or congested the plant, as well as damaged and diseased branches. An annual mulch after pruning will supress any competing weeds, hold down moisture and add organic matter to the soil.