Lilium Elegant Joy - Pack of Three

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These gorgeous lilies 'Elegant Joy' are renowned for their exquisitely delicate flowers. With their alluring light pink hue and lighter brushstrokes plus speckles towards the centre, the flowers have a refined and elegant charm.


Great for adding a touch of elegance to container gardens, making eye-catching cut flower bouquets, or improving the attractiveness of garden borders. Blooming from mid-late-summer, 'Elegant Joy' makes a charming display that works well with a variety of garden designs.


Plant Lilium 'Elegant Joy' bulbs in a location that receives full sun to partial shade if you want them to grow successfully. Rich, well-drained soil is preferred by these lilies. When planting, adding organic compost to the soil as this will improve growth and flower production. Pack of THREE Bulbs.


SPECIAL DEAL - usually £3.99, today just £1, yes, Just £1!