Lily Regale - Pack of EIGHT Lilium Bulbs - Regal Royal Lily

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Lilium Regale is one of the most popular of the Trumpet Lilies, producing sweetly scented flower thar starts off with a deep purple bud before it opening into stunning white lily flowers.

Each bloom will reach up to 15cm in diameter with plants 1.2m in height in their year, then reaching 1.5m+ tall when fully established - being a hardy perennial kind, bulbs in well drained positions can be left in situ to re-emerge year after year. 

Like regular lillies they'll have an unmistakable powerful fragrance, that wonderful scent you would expect from a Lilium. 

Planted in the right location lilies can be left undisturbed and will grow back every year. For best results plant in clumps in well-drained soil where they are not exposed to wind and can get plenty of sunlight, in perfect conditions the flower stems will rise to a height of around 4-5ft.

Pack of EIGHT top sized bulbs ready to plant.