Magnolia acuminata Blue Baby

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Magnolia 'Blue Baby' is a sensational brand new variety of Magnolia that you'll struggle to find anywhere else. It's a deciduous hybrid obtained by cross-pollination of Magnolia 'Blue Opal' (also known as Henry Blue'), that reveals itself as a more intensely blue shaded form that it's parent - yes, that's right, it's a blue flowered Magnolia!

Forming a large shrub or eventually a small tree, it is perfect for growing in smaller gardens and urban spaces, exhibiting moderate rates of growth. The blooms appear in Spring in large numbers over established plants and will even flower again in late summer to autumn. The foliage of Blue Baby is dark green with a glossy look, the plants thriving in full sun to partial shade. Fully hardy, and easy to grow, why not treat your garden to this unique new Magnolia. Supplied in approx 5 litre containers.