Magnolia acuminata Blue Opal - Blue Budded Tulip Tree

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Magnolia Blue Opal carries spectacular large blue buds that turn dark yellow as they open - a unique colour in the magnolia world.

Blue Opal will form a medium-large deciduous shrubby tree as high as 15 metres at maturity if left un-pruned. It therefore lends itself perfectly as an unusual and dazzling small tree for providing its display of blue buds in late spring or early summer, and of course these are quickly followed by the large yellow flowers as they open.

Very easy to grow, and highly adaptable to virtually all soils, even lime, ensures Magnolia acuminita Blue Opal is suitable for almost any garden in the UK. It is of course fully winter hardy.

Supplied as well established young trees in approx. 4-5 litre containers at around 100 cm tall.