Magnolia Cameo

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A celebration of springtime always come in the form of a Magnolia and this

compact tree reaching up to five metres over time is a good reason to celebrate.

‘Cameao’ produces cupped tulip like flowers, whose petals are reddish pink on the outside with lighter pink on the inside. It flowers all through the springtime, covering the leafless crown of the tree, the leaves slowly break as the spring gets going and are mid green in tone, turning a beautiful yellow in the autumn.

This tree will enjoy a rich fertile soil that drains well. It may dislike particularly heavy clay easily waterlogged soils, but you can plant in a container if you are worried about soil conditions. It prefers aspects of South, West, East facing and enjoys being in full sun

Water thoroughly in dry periods and mulch with compost or well-rotted leaf mould in spring

This is Specimen plant that should be planted in a central position in a border or placed as a focal point in a larger garden.

Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers.

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