Magnolia denudata Yellow River

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Magnolia denudate ‘Yellow River’ sets itself apart from other Magnolias with its unique buttery yellow flowers. This deciduous tree can reach up to 8 metres in height and has a lovely architectural conical shape. Its large, abundant flowers bloom throughout spring providing vibrant colour and fragrance whilst the rest of your garden is still dormant. Its beautiful mid-green leaves remain all the way through from late spring to late autumn and its great structural stems add winter interest. We recommend planting in a container or bed on its own as an eye-catching specimen plant, but it works just as well in borders.

Plant this in a sunny area as ‘Yellow River’ grows best in full-sun or partial-shade and make sure it is in moist but well-drained soil. It is best placed in a sheltered area, but it does cope well with wind exposure.

Supplied in approx. 10 litre containers.

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