Magnolia Yellow Lantern

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Single or multi-stemmed trees reaching up to seven metres, it grows vigorously when young before slowing down after it establishes.

Beautiful Large lemon-yellow flowers that are the classic Magnolia tulip shape, appear in May all over the plant at the branch tips. The leaves when they appear are mid green and oval and may provide some decent autumn colour at the end of the summer.

This Magnolia requires a sheltered south or westerly position and can grow in partial shade but prefer full sun. They are tolerant of most soils except heavy ones that tend to sit drenched, their preference is a good rich loamy substrate.

When planting add plenty of organic matter to the planting pit and then

mulch, always water well whilst establishing. It’s also a good idea to avoid frost pockets as late spring frosts will damage the splendid flowers.

This tree is a candidate for gardens focal point or to soften a sunny corner.

Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers.

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