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WINTER SALE - Usually 5.99, today just 3.99 - Save £2!


The Chamaecyparis thyoides Top Point is a conical shaped compact form of conifer with the appearance of a Mini Christmas Tree, therefore it is frequently used as fantastic table decor or to give the kids their very own 'pet' tree!


Small trees like this are perfect for use around the home on windowsills, table tops and more. They can be grown in the garden after Christmas, and make a fantastic dwarf tree that can be used indoors every year, or simply left in situ for evergreen garden structure. As an added bonus in the garden, the foliage turns wine-red in winter. It is ideal for small rockeries and containers if you choose to use it out of doors.


Supplied as a quality bushy plant, simply position and enjoy.


WINTER SALE - Usually 5.99, today just 3.99 - Save £2!

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