Miscanthus sinensis Volcano

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This striking ornamental grass adds a touch of elegance and drama to any garden, giving you spectacular architectural foliage and unique flowers. ‘Volcano’ erupts into a fiery display of reddish-pink flowers from late summer into the autumn months, and these blooms remain over winter, gradually turning brown but still providing much needed interest. This plant also boasts slender arching deciduous leaves which create an attractive fountain shape and turn a beautiful golden hue in autumn before they fall. With an ultimate height of 80cm and spread of 40cm Miscanthus sinensis ‘Volcano’ is great for creating height and texture in lawns or borders, as a stunning focal point and as a screen behind other plants. 


Miscanthus sinensis thrive in most soil types, better suited to heavy soil types in comparison to other grasses. Place this plant in full sun for the best flowering display but it will tolerate partial shade. Is is hardy so can establish in exposed or sheltered gardens.

Supplied in approx. 10 litre containers, strong plants.


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