Monarda "Blue Stocking"

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Oval leaves mid-green in colour that darken as the season extends have the added bonus of being aromatic. From mid-summer this plant gets to work flowering, producing stems that hold whirls of violet flowers with purple bracts. These flowers will continue to appear, generous in numbers throughout the summer and until the autumn making the Monarda a hard working plant that will contribute merit to any garden space.

Monarda is happy to have its roots in a wide range of soils but will need it to be free of waterlogging. It is a lover of the sunshine but will also tolerate partial shade. Water during periods of dry weather and dead head spent flowers to encourage further flowering

Monarda plants look their best in small drifts of a few plants, it is traditional to plant in odd numbers and a few of these in among fellow herbaceous plants in a sunny border will really bring a garden to life.

Supplied in approx. 1 litre containers.