Bananarama - Musa Dwarf Cavenish - Banana Plant 80-120cm

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This is the banana variety grown across the world to produce the fruit found in the shops, and although unlikely to produce it in the UK unless grown under cover for several years, it is a first rate plant for creating a tropical foliage effect in any garden during the summer, however, in recent years they are most popular grown as a trendy jungle style houseplant, thanks to their huge paddle shaped leaves and easy going nature.

Fast growing and displaying large bright green leaves with maroon markings, these are great architectural plants for creating an impact, perfect if you are looking to create a tropical atmosphere.

If grown out of doors, be aware this is a tender perennial, so best protected over winter, the thick, paddle shaped leaves will spread gloriously in summer, brilliant in borders and perfect if planted into a large pot on the patio so it can be moved under cover in winter.

Grow in a brightly lit position indoors for a first rate houseplant.

Supplied in approx. 5 litre containers, similar in look to that pictured, established chunky specimens.