Musa lasiocarpa - Hardy Flowering Chinese Banana - Musella

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Bananas are the world's largest herbaceous plants, combining a small tree's stature with enormous yet graceful leaves, providing an unmistakably tropical look. Musa lasiocarpa a compact grower, so is controllable for the smaller garden.

Its conical trunk and grey-green leaves give it a 'shuttlecock' outline with yellow, waxy, globe-artichoke-like flowers that can last for several months. It is wind resistant and proving hardy throughout the UK, reputed to be able to take temperatures as low as -10C (14F), although some winter protection over the first season or two, can do no harm.

An ideal banana for patio planters or small gardens, this is a rarer harder to find variety, hence the higher price tag than other cultivars.

Supplied in approx. 2 litre containers.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 19.97, today just 9.97 - Save £10!