SPECIAL DEAL - Narcissi Fragrant Paperwhite - Narcissus Daffodil bulbs - Pack of Three

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Ward off winter blues by growing these beautiful fragrant Narcissi bulbs indoors. Paper White bulbs grown indoors will kindle thoughts of spring, and are exceptionally fragrant flowers which can be cultivated in pots or dishes containing either pebbles and water, or soil. They can of course be enjoyed in patio planters or indoors first if you don't want to add them to the garden right away.

This special variety produces perky clusters of paper white flowers, the fragrance is outstanding, and if kept to flower indoors can fill a whole room. They make a superb addition outside in the garden too and are ideal for naturalising under trees, amongst Hellebores and other seasonal flowers.

Supplied as a pack of three chunky bulbs.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 3.99, today just 1.99 - Save £2!

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