Osmanthus burkwoodii 'Perfume of Nature'

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A sturdy reliable shrub, very handsome looking with its dark green toothed leaves tidy appearance. In mid to late spring clusters of waxy white tubular flowers appear, these flowers have a heavenly perfume that warrants this plant a spot in any garden. Its floral qualities are just one reason to use this evergreen shrub as it is also extremely hardy, tolerating both exposed and sheltered planting position and is happy in both sunshine and partial shade.

This Osmanthus works great as either a specimen shrub on the corner of a pathway or even grown in a container on a patio or planted in a mixed tree and shrub border.

Its scent is so wonderful so try to plant near a window or seating area, the fragrance announcing the presence of spring-time. “Perfume of Nature’ is also a great plant for pollinating insects.

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.