Osteospermum Daisy - Berries & Cream Mixed

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The daisy-like flowers of Osteospermum 'Berries & Cream Mixed' range in colour from rich berry pinks to creamy whites, often with vivid purple centres, making for a beautiful combination of hues. This alluring blend fills garden spaces with a delicate, romantic colour as it blooms profusely from late spring to autumn, growing up to 30 cm in height and spreading beautifully.


'Berries & Cream Mixed' is a delightful ground cover that looks great in pots, borders, or other areas that need a pop of colour. It needs well-drained soil and full sun to flourish. Once planted, it can withstand droughts, but regular irrigation during arid spells will keep it lush and colourful. Deadheading faded flowers will prolong their season of bloom and encourage more.


Supplied in approx. 9cm pot.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually £3.99, today just £2.99 - Save £1

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