Osteospermum Daisy - Copper Orange

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Osteospermum 'Copper Orange' is a visually arresting species whose distinctive copper-orange daisy-like flowers lend a warm glow to any garden environment. The vivid purple centres of these blossoms create a striking contrast with the rich green foliage of the shrub. 'Copper Orange' is a late spring-to-fall flowering plant that reaches about 30 cm in height and gracefully fills containers or garden spaces.


This hardy perennial likes full sun and drains well-prepared soil. Once established, it can withstand droughts, but frequent watering will keep it looking healthy during dry spells. Deadheading older flowers will prolong their blooming season and encourage new blooms.


Supplied in approx. 9cm pot.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually £3.99, today tust £1.99 - Save £2

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