Osteospermum Daisy - Linda Pink

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Osteospermum 'Linda Pink's gorgeous pink daisy-like flowers, with their golden yellow centres and darker pink bands at the base of each petal, are a bright and eye-catching addition to any garden. This hardy perennial grows up to 30 cm in height and spreads to create a rich carpet of colour when it blooms profusely from late spring to autumn.


'Linda Pink' is best suited for rock gardens, borders, and pots; it needs well-drained soil and full light to flourish. Once established, it can withstand droughts, but frequent watering will keep it at its best throughout extended dry spells. Removing wasted blossoms by deadheading will promote new blooms.


Supplied in approx. 9cm pot.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually £3.99, today tust £1.99 - Save £2

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