Helleborus Foetidus - Stinking Hellebore

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Brave enough to flourish during the coldest, shortest days, hellebores are rabbit proof and grow best in dappled shade.

Helleborus foetidus, also know as the stinking hellebore, carries a sustantial head of bell-shaped flowers from January to April above handsome foliage. The name stinking hellebore is given to this winter-blooming perennial because the foliage when crushed produces and unpleasant odour. The green flowers have maroon-purple tinted edges, and are accompanied by light-green leaves. An interesting complement to the lower, dark-green foliage of palm like appearance. These unusual architectural hellebore plants are ideal for a shady position in a border, a woodland garden, or planting under deciduous shrubs. The evergreen foliage can be shown off in autumn and winter and the flowers enjoyed before the other plants leaf up again in Spring. Supplied in approx 2 litre containers.