Kniphofia Flamenco - Red Hot Poker

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Kniphofia Flamenco is our exciting mixed selection of a traditional border plant, the much loved Red-Hot Poker.


Featuring a dazzling mixture of yellows, oranges and hot fiery reds all the way through from June to September above strappy evergreen foliage, each plant will carry either yellow, red or orange flowers. A beautiful fiery mix when you buy several and plant together in a group.


Later in the season they complement the autumnal colour of other garden plants as well as the natural light for that time of year appearing to almost glow like flaming torches in the early morning and late afternoon sunlight. Understandably this makes them an extremely popular choice for the garden, reaching up to around 80cms (2-3ft) high when in full bloom.


Supplied in approx. 1 litre containers full of buds and flowers in season.