Hemerocallis Voodoo Dancer - Daylily
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Hemerocallis Voodoo Dancer - Daylily

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Claimed as a world exclusive by another well known company as the first ever double flowering black Hemerocallis, Voodoo dancer is one of the most sumptuously coloured and unusual Hemerocallis plants you will ever see.

Flowering perpetually throughout the summer, it carries deep purple-black flowers in great abundance, each of which has a striking green throat deep within the bloom. As an added bonus the flowers of this day lily are fragrant, and the plants are neat and compact growing 45-60cms (2ft) tall when in full bloom.

Very easy to grow in virtually any type of soil, these plants will reward you with out the need of cosseting or special attention. Supplied as well established flowering sized plants in approx 3 litre containers.