Pair of Fargesia - Clumping Umbrella Fountain Bamboo Plants
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Pair of Fargesia - Clumping Umbrella Fountain Bamboo Plants

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Pair of Fargesia - Clumping Umbrella Bamboo Plants. The narrow leaves remain green throughout the year, and the vertical, upright habit make this umbrella bamboo a good solitary specimen. An easy to grow and maintain plant. Perfect for planters or the garden. Fargesia is a highly ornamental garden bamboo. This medium-sized bamboo variety has yellow-green arching canes and a mass of soft, mid-green leaves.

One of the most popular bamboos the gracefully arching canes look lovely. It can be used in a variety of ways and at any place in the garden: as a solitary plant, as hedges or screen, and as an attractive pot plant on the patio, even grown as an informal hedge. The plant's compact habit really does make it an ideal exotic specimen or container plant for small gardens.

Supplied in approx 1.5-3 litre containers at up to around 60-80cms tall inclusive.