Pair of Ilex argentea marginata Variegated Holly Trees - Perfect for Patios

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One of the most popular varieties of Holly, these variegated Ilex 'argentea marginata' trees have wonderful, abundant foliage. The shiny, spiky, dark-green leaves have an unusual creamy-white edging that really makes these Holly Tree's stand out from the crowd.

Holly trees like this bring a real touch of class and style to any garden, patio or terrace. They'll look fabulous wherever you decide to place them, and are ideal either side of a doorway or entrance.Our beautiful specimens will make outstanding focal point or feature no matter where they are situated and are sure to enhance the appearance of your garden or home

The unusual foliage itself is eye-catching, then small white flowers bloom in Spring. As these fade and Autumn approaches, bright, red berries form and provide a real visual treat for any one that spots them.Why not surprise a loved one this festive period, with a gift of these traditional holly tree standards with a unique, modern twist? Ideal for providing an instant festive feel.

Supplied with a clear stem, topped off with an attractive lollipop head, often displaying seasonal berries. The overall height of these gorgeous holly plants including planters is around 70-90cms.

A Pair of these distinguished evergreen holly trees really is a sight to behold and will be loved for many years.

Pair of Ilex aquifolium argentea marginata standards, around 70-90cms tall.