Panicum virgatum Apache Rose - Large Switch Grass

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Ornamental Grasses such as this Panicum Apache Rose, add graceful texture and movement to the garden, plus with this variety, heavy rain nor squawly winds will knock it over, this being a solid plant

‘Apache Rose’ has dense upright growth with grey-green leaves. In the autumn, the tips of the foliage flush with hints of rosy-red. It also has rosy-tinted flower panicles, which are of course a welcome addition in late summer in to autumn. 

Switch grass gets its name from the peaceful swishing sound it makes when billowing in the breeze. A strong and sturdy grass, it will remain standing during winter unless there is heavy snow.. This provides a shelter for small birds during the coldest of days, and simply requires cutting to the base at the end of winter prior to new growth coming in the spring to keep it neat and tidy.

Apache Rose is an extremely versatile grass for the garden, an effective standalone specimen, used en-mass, for screening areas, alongside ponds or even in large patio planters and containers on a terrace.

Supplied in approx 5-6 litre containers.


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