Pansy Violet Face - Pack of SIX Plants

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A truly resilient, hardworking Pansy that provides an incredible run of colour for your garden, producing numerous flowers spread throughout the plants crown all through the spring and then again from autumn and through the winter. It has a compact form of mid-green foliage that reaches a height and spread of around twenty centimetres.

The great thing about Pansies is they are quite happy to grow in both sunshine and partial shade which is not so usual for such heavily flowering plants. Growing in a loamy soil is preferable but if your soil is heavy or sandy add organic matter before planting. Give the plant a decent haircut at the end of the spring to encourage fresh healthy growth.

These Pansies are also superb for a container or hanging basket. Underplant with bulbs for a really spectacular spring display. Planting along the front of an herbaceous or shrub border is also a very effective way to display these plants.

Supplied as a pack of SIX plants.  A bedding plant classic.