Parthenocissus tricuspidata Fenway Park

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Called Boston Ivy 'Fenway Park', Parthenocissus tricuspidata is an eye-catching climbing vine with strikingly colourful foliage. This type is distinguished by its eye-catching golden-yellow leaves, which appear in the spring and offer a cheery and vibrant contrast to the more typical green of Boston ivy. The leaves change colour as the season goes on, becoming a lush green but still having a paler tone than their counterparts. In the autumn, they take on vivid shades of crimson and orange, creating a breathtaking seasonal display. 'Fenway Park' is perfect for covering walls, fences, and other structures since it sticks to itself with ease utilising tendrils and sticky pads. This allows it to climb without assistance and form a rich, green exterior. Supplied in 2-3 litre containers.

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