Passion Flower Marijke - Passiflora

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If you have a shelter protect spot or perhaps a conservatory or glasshouse with enough space this is beautiful passion flower species to enjoy. The deliciously perfumed and splendid looking flowers are produced in abundance almost all year round when well cared for, so we recommend growing this passion flower inside in a large planter and providing support to allow it to grow in to a nice specimen - it will reward you with a lot of flowers.

In the winter a minimum temperature of 6°C should be sufficient, so it need not be kept in a hot dry location - a cool porch or conservatory for the winter rest period would be ideal. Once frost abates outside, plunge the planter in a favourite spot in the garden to enjoy the blooms out of doors, or perhaps even use on the patio. Supplied in approx 1-2 litre containers.