Patio Fruit Tree - Compact Czar Plum Tree

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The compact Plum tree is perfect if you're after growing plenty of your own fruit with limited space. Czar produces medium sized fruit that turn a dark blue-pruple on ripening. The fruit is absolutely delicious and ready to harvest each summer, the taste and flavour straight from the tree is absolutely mouth-watering. One of the best plums to cook with too for all manner of puddings, pies and crumbles or perhaps make your own home made jam with the surplus. Each of our trees will make a highly productive specimen, delivered as a well established small tree it is grown on a special dwarfing root stock to ensure the trees never get too large. Czar is also self-fertile, meaning you do not need a partner plum variety to pollinate the beautfiul white spring blossoms. This patio fruit tree is grafted on a special root stock to give a maximum mature height of approx 1.5 metres, is self pollinating and is supplied in an approx 5 litre container.