Patio Fruit Tree - Malus Mini Galina - Apple Tree

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If you love apple trees but don’t have the space for a full sized one this is perfect for you! A compact, smaller version of the classic Gala Apple tree to fit happily in smaller gardens, patios or balconies, reaching just 150cms tall at maturity. Delicious ‘Galina’ apples ripen in the autumn following gorgeous displays of pink-tinged white flowers in the spring.

The fruit will ripen best when provided with plenty of sunshine so keep this plant in a sunny spot. Apple trees will grow happily in any soil type except for chalk as long as it is well-drained. This is a deciduous tree so will drop its leaves in the winter ready to welcome beautiful new growth in the spring. Ideal for patio planters or garden borders.

Supplied in an approx. 5 litre containers.

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