Peony Catharina Fontijn

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The peony is a classic herbaceous border plant that is well recognised and adds value to any garden.

This clump forming plant has very showy flowers that appear in early to mid-summer. White to light pink double flowers add some elegance and beauty to your summer garden.

This peony can grow in sun or partial shade and prefers the aspects of south and west facing planting spots. They tolerate most soils but will struggle in heavy poor draining clay.

When it comes to positioning, these look great as single specimens dotted through a border and surrounded by lower growing herbaceous planting - perfect for a cottage style garden setting.

Regular dead heading will encourage new blooms. Lift and divide plant every three or four years to reinvigorate your plant and apply a light mulch if compost or rotted manure in early spring.

Supplied in approx. 3-4 litre containers