Pernettya mucronata - Male Prickly Heath Gaultheria

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If you want to ensure the other Pernettya plants in your garden are covered in their beautiful berries every year, then this male plant is essential to ensure the friendly bees and insects can do their job and pollinate that blooms, that will the of course lead to the colourful fruit. Hardy and evergreen, it carries masses of small, pinkish-white, bell-shaped flowers in late spring to early summer. The flowers are very pretty and produced above the glossy green foliage, that will also take on an attractive bronze tint in the winter months.

We recommend one male plant for every five berrying varieties planted to ensure good crops of berries. Also known as Gaultheria, Pernettya prefer loamy - acidic soil free of chalk, but can also tolerate damp locations.

Supplied in approx. 1 litre containers.