Phormium Black Velvet - New Zealand Flax

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Phormium or New Zealand Flax, has two characteristics which are sought-after by gardeners looking to add a bit of drama to their borders. It offers bold, architectural lines with its erect, sword-shaped leaves and rich foliage colour.


This handsome flax can be used in many ways in the garden and is also suitable for a large container - try growing it in a very large, glazed planter if it's a really bold statement you're after.

The dramatic form of Phormium also makes it intriguing to contrast with low growing flowering plants or with fine foliage plants such as bronze-yellow grasses.


Ground cover plants, or those with berries in winter, make attractive, weed suppressing groundcovers with which to surround a flax such as this.


This rich dark bronze-purple New Zealand Flax is also good for mass plantings, probably one of the best burgundy cultivars available. A fast but compact grower. Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 17.95, today just 12.95 - Save £5!

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