Photinia 'Red Robin' - Evergreen - Extra Large Standard circa 180cm

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Becoming one of the UK's most popular evergreens in recent years and with good reason as it is a tough reliable plant with spectacular evergreen red foliage, that looks good all year round, the new growth is an incredibly bright red turning darker through the year. Photinia 'Little Red Robin' is a compact version of the well-know Red Robin variety. The foliage is smaller and in good proportion to the size of the plant, the colour of the young foliage is, if anything, even better than a regular 'Red Robin'. In late spring heads of rounded creamy white flowers are produced, the whole plant will reach up to one and a half metres in height.

Easy to grow and will do well in all gardens. The Photinia enjoys growing in a wide variety of soils but may baulk at soils with a low ph. It grows happily in both sun and partial shade and will prefer a sheltered spot away from heavy frosts and icy cold winds. It takes hard pruning and thus can be hedged so hence it can be clipped to shapes and hedged. Apply a compost mulch around its base in early spring and water well in the first season in dry periods.

This Photinia is perfect for patio planters, garden beds and borders or used as a low informal hedge. The ‘Standard’ shape makes it ideal for formal gardens or to enhance entrance ways such as paths or doors.

High Quality Standard Trees are Supplied with an approx 100cm clear stem and 60cm bushy lollipop head with an overall height of approx. 180cm including pot.