Prunus lusitanica - Evergreen Portuguese Laurel Hedging - Large 130-150cm Plants

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Portuguese Laurel is an elegant evergreen hedging plant with narrow, pointed, deep-green glossy leaves with maroon stems. Slightly fragrant small white flowers appear n summer, often followed by small red fruits that ripen to black, these are much loved buy garden birds. Prunus lusitanica is an ideal choice of hedge for formal situations and is easy to grow in all soil conditions and situations. Chalky soil are not a problem for Portuguese Laurel where some other hedges will not survive.

Portuguese Laurel is exceptionally resilient and hardier than the better known Prunus rotundifolia Cherry Laurel. It has a medium growth rate making it easier to maintain and shape, which also means it will not grow out of control. This Laurel species should only need trimming once a year in late summer to keep in neat and tidy. Container grown plants supplied in an approx 12-15 litres with an overall height of around 130-150cm tall.



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