Apricot Tree - Prunus armeniaca Bergeron - 5ft Tree

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Discovered in the Rhone Valley, France, as a chance seedling in the 1920s, Bergeron a classic variety with large attractive fruits - golden-orange in colour with a slight red blush. These are very aromatic and sweet in flavour, slightly juicy and delicious to eat fresh straight from the tree. In their native France they are famoud for 'Bergeron' Apricot Jam, with the variety accounting for 25% of all Apricot production in their native homeland.

In Spring, beautiful pink blossoms appear followed by fresh green foliage. This Apricot Tree will prefer a bright sunny location, ideally with a little shelter - a warm fence or wall that gets full sun all day would be perfect. 

Bergeron is a tough reliable variety with good resistance to frost, making it an ideal choice for the UK.

Supplied in approx. 7.5 litre containers, these are very strong grafted plants that will reach around 6-9ft (180-270cms tall at maturity). They are best maintained at this size for maximum productivity, and ease of picking.


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